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Clips and Quotes

Duluth News Tribune The Wave May 29, 2008

Singin' some social commentary

Fred Gillen and Matt Turk sing folk music that rests on commitment. They sing a lot of social-commentary songs. They're young, but their politics are those of the first generation of politicized folk singers. The music needs no apology, they're fine musicians.
Acoustic Live March 2008
Acoustic Live logoAbout Gillen & Turk, Richard Cucarro says "Two folk-rock musicians had travelled almost parallel paths to arrive at the same destination. Their rafter-raising shout-outs for peace and social justice combine influences from Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. How they got there speaks to their foundations, their integrity and their gritty determination as well as their talent." 
Read the entire article here: http://www.acousticlive.com/mar.9.htm
When solo artists team up, it's really....rockin'

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
read the entire article here.
"The protest fire of Woody Guthrie with a GenX beat."
-Bryan Baker, Gajoob
Turk, a songwriting 'balladeer,'

Friday, April 6, 2007
"To say that Turk's music has one distinctive feel would be
impossible. At times his music is highly introspective and folksy,
yet for the most part, his tunes are well-crafted rock songs that are
impossible not to relate to on some level." Read more here.

"Gillen's music has an earthy, straw-like smell for your ears. It has the grazing touch of a brick wall against the back of your hand. It has very ball- point- pen- on- blue- lined- paper written lyrics. It is honest and quirky."

-- Craig Gilbert, New Haven Advocate

Rolling StoneJoe Viglione on RollingStone.com said: "As the late Lillian Roxon raved about the young and relatively unknown Jackson Browne in her book Rock Encyclopedia back in 1969, Matt Turk may strike you as just as talented a find."

"Pure, honest, acoustic folk storytelling with a gritty edge."

--Jennifer Layton, Indiemusic.com


All Music GuideWhat Gives is a huge musical statement by an artist to be reckoned with, enunciated by a voice so AM/FM friendly there is no question the world would be a better place with his material rocking the airwaves.

Joe Viglione's review of What Gives is on All Music Guide.

"Gillen writes simple, poetic, evocative songs. Although the subject matter of his songs is emotionally intense, Gillen's music conveys a sense of hope, elation, and honesty.  The lyrics range in subject matter from the human condition to social commentary, to love and heartbreak, to mortality, God, and Satan.  Gillen's sense of ease and humor on stage creates the feeling of intimacy with his audiences, and his energy, soul, and spontaneity keep them riveted.  Gillen connects with the audience, reaches into their hearts, and takes them on a provocative, emotional journey."

Williamsport Sun-Gazette

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