Clients include:

Solar Punch

Pete Seeger

Katherine Pritchard

Steve Chizmadia

Pat Wictor

The Jukebox Romantics

August In Between

Hudson Valley Sally

John Flynn/ David Amram

Scoot Horton

Leo Harmonay

Tony Jefferson

Chris Conte

Chris Barickman

Red Molly

Abbie Gardner

Carolann Solebello

Anthony DaCosta

The Yayas

Tribes Hill

ABC TV (All My Children)

MSG Network

Fox Television (Bones)

Steve Kirkman

Scott Urgola

Demarco Brothers

Phil Dollard

Johnny Miles

Joe Duraes

Period Comma

Martini Jones

Matt Turk

Nik Rael

Julie Corbalis

South County

CMJ Music Marathon

James Durst

Work 'O The Weavers

Jeff Eyrich

Lipbone Redding

Susan Kane

Circus Guy


Fin Folsom

McComb's Dam Bridge

Martini Jones

The Wyoming Channel

Bryce Taylor

The Blues Mothers

Stephen Scholle

Linda Draper

Mark Doerrier

Dan Lavoie

Backwoods Jupiter

Allan Goodman

Hope Machine

Curtis & The Dilettantes

Pat Kelly

Todd LaMondie

Hudson Harding

Shovel Ready String Band

DeMarco Brothers

Waites and Measures


Tonic Song Library

Front Porch String Band


Brian Taylor

Rich O'Hanley

Laura Bowman

The Greenheart

Guthrie's Ghost

Greg Jacquin Band

Mario Giaccone Trio

Red Hill

Andy Kusisto

Tom Heaney

Tom From Nyack

Parker Reilly

Joe Virga



1 AKG C1000s

1 Audix D-6

1 BLUE Baby Bottle

1 Beyer Dynamic M422

1 Beyer M250 N (C) Ribbon

1 Crown PZM 30D

1 Cascade Fathead Ribbon

2 EV 635A

2 EV 664A

1 EV BK1

2 EV RE 11

1 EV RE 18

1 EV RE 20

1 Karma K-6 Active Ribbon

1 Karma K-55 Tube

4 Karma micro

1 Michael Joly 990

3 MXL 1006

1 MXL 2001

2 Nady CM88

1 Nady DM80


1 Sennheiser 609

2 Shure BG 81

3 Shure sm 57

1 Shure Beta 57

1 Shure sm 58

1 Sony ECM 66B

1 Warm Audio wa-251 tube


1 Ampex 351


4 Aurlex 107 Tubessence

2 Five Fish sc500mk1

1 Joe Meek SixQ

2 Pre Sonus Blue Tube

2 Rupert Neve 511

1 Symmetrix 528

1 Warm Audio TB-12


1 Alesis 3603

1 dbx 118

2 dbx 165A

2 dbx 166

2 dbx 166A

2 Drawmer DL241

1 Urei LA-4


Vintage Music Man 212

Ampeg GVT 15H

Fender Champion 30

Vintage Peavey Mark 3 Bass amp with 2X15 cabinet

Peavey Bandit 12

Peavey TNT

Peavey Stereo Chorus 212


Vintage Ludwig 4 piece drum set with Zildjian and Paiste cymbals

Pearl Studio Series drum set

1974 Fender Jazz bass

1966 Fender Jazz bass

Kojdogg Strat with P-90 pickups

Fender Telecaster

DeArmond M-72

Kojdogg Telecaster

Ibanez Artcore Semi-hollow body

Guild Pilot bass

1983 Guild D-25 acoustic guitar

1996 Guild DV6 acoustic guitar

Takimine EG530SC Acoustic Guitar

Fender Classical Guitar

Harmony H80S bass guitar

Ibanez Stratocaster

Regal resonator bass guitar

Republic Resonator guitar

3 sets of bongos

2 African Djembes

lots of percussion instruments

other gear:

Orban 622B Parametric EQ

2 Drawmer DS201 Gate

1 Eventide H300 Harmonizer

1 Yamaha SPX90 Reverb

1 Korg SDD 1200 Digital Delay

1 Alesis Quadraverb


Mac Pro Quad/ MOTU 16A converter/ Pro Tools 11 Native

Woody's House Studio

      Woody's House recording studio is no more. Beginning with Pete Seeger and ending with Rich O'Hanley with hundreds of artists in between, it was a big part of the Lower Hudson Valley music scene. My new studio, "Esperanza Recording Studio," is up and running. I've done several projects in the new space already, picking up where I left off. Embracing the new while respecting the old. I think the new ... [more >>]
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