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I'm not a journalist, I'm a songwriter. I do appreciate all of the suggestions about what to write about, but a song is not a news story. A song can reflect what is or what should be in the news, but if you want news reporting you'd better ask a journalist. The world is full of bad topical songs and I'm attempting, with mixed results, not to add to that. The bar, to me, is set at Dylan's "With God On Our Side" and "Only a Pawn In Their Game." As much as I want to write specifically about Syrian refugees, the closest I'm probably going to get is a song Turk and I co-wrote about a year ago about a Burmese refugee, which was inspired by my going to an event in Utica, NY where I met some refugees from the Mohawk Valley Refugee Relocation Center. These real kids inspired me and I took the idea to Matt Turk because I felt we could do better with it together. We'll be posting the song on the G&T homepage and elsewhere soon.

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Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

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