Fred Gillen Jr.

Fred on Video

Video for "I Hope We Never See You Again" by Fred Gillen Jr

Video for "Dirt" by Fred Gillen Jr

Three Videos From Nepal:

Eyes of the Buddha video
Eyes of the Buddha
Fred Gillen Jr.
Tie the Trash video
Tie the Trash
The Greenheart
Resham Firiri video
Resham Firiri
(Nepali Folk Song)
in Ramche Village
The Greenheart

Video for "Silence of the Night" by Mike Patrei

"What Is This World Gonna Do", written by Woody Guthrie and Lisa Gutkin, performed by Lisa Gutkin and Fred Gillen Jr. with special guests

Fred Gillen Jr Band, "Wage Love" CD Release show

Election Day

"Fan" Videos

Don't Give Up The Ghost With Catherine Miles on "After Dinner."

Devil's Bluff With Matt Turk, Tarrytown Music Hall, 2008

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